Coffee Drinking Linked With Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk

That research, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, shows that women who drink two to three cups of coffee a day have a 15 percent lower risk, while women who drink four or more cups of coffee a day have a 20 percent lower risk. Study research Dr. Albert Ascherio told HuffPost earlier that “caffeine is known to affect the brain,” because it “modulates the release of mood transmitters.” “I’m not saying we’re on the path to discovering a new way to prevent depression,” he said. “But I think you can be reassured that if you are drinking coffee, it is coming out as a positive thing.” Coffee Could Save Your Brain … Well, maybe.
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Drinking coffee even six hours before bed can disrupt sleep

Researchers found that if a normal bedtime is 11pm, then drinking a cup of coffee any time after 5pm will disturb that nights kip. Despite this, the study learned most people were unaware of the disruption. Dr Safwan Badr, president of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, said: Avoiding caffeine in the late afternoon and at night is beneficial for sleep.
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