Physicists Create Perfect Coffee Mug That Keeps Perfect Temperature

People Who Drink Coffee Are Weak (Or: The Sociology of a Cup of Joe)

Then, when it receives heat, it absorbs it like a sponge liquifying into a gooey wax. As the PCM solidifies it releases the energy at a steady pace, keeping any liquid or room at the perfect temperature. In houses, they achieve this by filling hollow walls with PCM, which absorbs heat from the sun, and then releases it as the atmosphere cools down, keeping the room at a perfect temperature. S The perfect mug follows the same principle: It is made of hollow ceramics. Inside there’s an aluminum structureas you can see in the image abovewhich gets filled with PCM.
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Physicists Create Perfect Coffee Mug That Keeps Perfect Temperature

Today, approximately 1 billion Java Jackets are sold each year to more than 1,500 clients. Sorensens solution was simple and the problem so common that he was not surprised by the demand. Everybody around me . . . was shocked, he says.
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How the Coffee Cup Sleeve Was Invented

I’m surrounded by friends who are unable to function on a civilized level without finishing up their meal with a scalding hot bean stimulant made up of the same basic properties as crack cocaine… and yet I’m the weird one in the group. Sometimes I meet my friends at Starbucks. They get coffee.
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