‘hot Coffee’ Review: Hbo Documentary Finds Big Grounds For Liability

His parents were awarded $5.65 million, the estimated cost of his lifelong care. But Nebraska , where they live, has capped both actual and punitive damages – to short-circuit “frivolous” lawsuits – so they can collect only $1.25 million. For the rest of the cost, good luck. “Hot Coffee” makes a strong case that corporate America , through sympathetic politicians to whom it gives wads of money, has successfully capped damages awards in dozens of states. Traditionally, the documentary argues, the courts have been the only realistic avenue of restitution for the average victim of professional or corporate malfeasance.
Read the original: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/tv-movies/hot-coffee-review-hbo-documentary-finds-big-grounds-liability-article-1.129412

Coffee Coming Up, Nice And Hot … And Prepared By A Robot

Publicity about the McDonalds hot coffee case convinced many Americans that our legal system was broken. If a person could successfully bring a claim against a restaurant when they spilled coffee on themselves (as contrasted with a waiter spilling it on a patron), almost anything could be fair game. Playing to her plaintiffs lawyer crowd, Ms. Saladoffs movie portrays McDonalds as being cruel in refusing to settle the case for Ms. Liebecks basic medical costs. It also rehashes the fact that McDonalds coffee was about ten degrees hotter than coffee served in other areas in that part of New Mexico. Hot Coffee gleefully reports that McDonalds reduced the temperature of its coffee by ten degrees after the hot coffee case. But, what the movie does not show is whether Ms. Liebecks burns would have been less severe if the coffee had been just ten degrees cooler.
Read the original: http://www.forbes.com/sites/docket/2011/06/30/cup-half-full-hot-coffee-serves-up-slanted-view-of-liability-system/

Cup Half Full: ‘Hot Coffee’ Serves Up Slanted View Of Liability System

Although the pair were trying to make things work despite their non-stop feuding over their futures, Katie and Joey eventually parted ways, only to see Joey move on with a new girlfriend just three days later. The breakup itself was hard on Katie, as she’s been wanting more than to work things out with Molli’s father, but the fact that Joey moved on so quickly from the relationship hurt her even worse. In a new sneak peek of tonight’s Teen Mom 3 released by Us Weekly on November 4, Katie and Joey engage in an argument which gets Katie so riled up that she throws a cup of coffee at her former partner. Right away, Joey accuses her of dousing him with “hot coffee” and getting it on their daughter as well.
Read the original: http://www.examiner.com/article/katie-yeager-s-ex-accuses-her-of-throwing-hot-coffee-at-him-and-their-daughter

Katie Yeager’s ex accuses her of throwing hot coffee at him and their daughter

Customers are able to control every detail to their liking, including the flavor, the type of sweetener and milk, and the amount of each ingredient. A variety of choices are offered, from espressos and lattes to iced coffees and hot chocolate. If customers create an account online, the system will remember their favorite order (of course, your friendly neighborhood barista probably does the same thing). While the convenience of such a machine is probably its biggest selling point, consumers who’ve sampled Briggo’s brew tell The Salt that the quality of the coffee is nothing to sniff at, either. Unlike baristas in training, who need to figure out the tricks of the trade, their robotic counterparts have been programmed to control every aspect of the process, with the goal of creating a consistently tasty product.
Read the original: http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2013/10/22/239789038/coffee-coming-up-nice-and-hot-and-prepared-by-a-robot


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